8 New Year's Eve Nails to End the Year With a Bang

By this time, you might probably be thinking of switching up your Christmas nails for New Year's nails, and we can’t blame you for that! The festive season makes us look shiny and fabulous as the celebration continues. Here’s our roundup of nail designs for New Year that is gorgeous and created by our hardworking Rosalind Beauties!

1. Pink glitter french style

This nail design is beautifully crafted and has all the feminine yet festive elements, making it the perfect New Year's Eve nails such as french style, glitters, and a rosy pink shade that ties it all together wonderfully; you’ll surely end the year in style!

Products used:

Mini Series SLS-S020

2. Shinny gold with black flower nail design

Shinny gold nails with the black flowers? It sounds like heaven for new years nails! You can wear this nail design and still look glam for the holidays.

Products used:

15ml Gel Polish SLH-C027
15ml Gel Polish SLH-C028

3. Shinny gold and nude pink nails

 This new year's nails are glossy, gentle, and exquisite, with a nude shade of pink undertone and shiny gold color. You can’t resist wearing this nail design to say hello to a new era. Think of the roaring ’20s, but the party is on your nails!

Products used:

Mini Series SLS-S036

4. Minimalistic shiny gold and nude pink nails design

Gently nude pink nails and shiny gold are here to stay, especially for the holidays; you can add shiny gold lines beneath the nude pink to break the minimalism and make it more special for new years eve.

Products used:

6ml Pure Color Gel Polish RAE-PX040
10ml Pure Color Gel Polish RAF-PX005

5. Red and glitter french nails design

French nails are classy, gorgeous, and would easily fit any occasion this holiday season! You can add in glitters, stickers, and florals to add more dimension and jazz to the minimalistic vibe of the nails if you’re looking for something fancier for the new years eve party!

Products used:

Mini Series SLS-S013
Mini Series SLS-S019

6. Shiny lavender and wine red nails design

Sexy wine red and shiny lavender nail design!You can’t resist wearing this nail design to say hello to a new era. It's the nail design we’re all craving!

Products used:

Mini Series SLS-S017
Mini Series SLS-S015

7. Cat eye shiny gold french style with little rhinestone

If you want to go all out and extra for your new year's nails, we can’t blame you! It's actually the perfect time to add razzle and dazzle for your nails during this event! The exquisite details on this nail design are to die for!

Products used:

7ML Pink Series RAI-JL052
7ML Pink Series RAI-JL051

8. Minimalistic shiny gold and nude pink nails design

If you want to keep it lowkey yet classy, then you can play with three classic nail colors, and that is nude, white, and gold! You can paint a gold leaf on the white color to break the minimalism and make it more special for new years eve!

Products used:

5ml Shiny Rainbow Gel RFA518

New Year's eve is another exciting holiday everybody is looking forward to; as the year ends and another chapter will start again, you want to make sure your nails look shiny and new too! Get more nail inspiration from our Instragram

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